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Four Day Weekend

Well I just had a four day weekend and it wasnt as boring as i thought it would be. Kayla came over right off the bus on Friday and then we invited Mike Sean and Dan over, but my mom didnt know about it. Well she found out that they were comming before they got their because she saw the retards walking down the road but i told her i didnt know that they were comming and they let them stay until 11, even tho they had to leave around 10:30 so they could be back at mikes house by 11.It was fun. Then Kayla left Saturday and i didnt talk to her for the rest of the weekend and i really didnt do anything else either. Then Yesterday (Wed) Ryan walked over right after school and Jeff wasnt to happy about that cuz i didnt do my homework yet. But its different when it comes to his kids cuz Cassie doesnt do her homework before going to 24-7 but o well he'll get over it. Well im in school so im out before i get in trouble cuz im supposed to be doing my work. Bye bye
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