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Well im in Tupajs class right now...yeah i have her again and i dont like this class as much as i liked the one last year but its all good. I dont have AOL anymore so i cant update this shit at home but theres always the wonderful school. We're supposed to be doing this project right now but i dont want to present it so im just not gonna do it. Maybe ill decide to do it later who knows with me. My life has surprisingly gotten better then it was before. My mom and Jeff decided to try this new trust thing out with me and if i lie then i lose all my freedom but if i tell the truth then its all good. I had a birthday party on Saturday and it was fun. Mike Jimmy Ranee and Teresa came from Worcester and then Amber Andrew Ryan and Kayla were there to. It was pretty fun but it oculd have been alot better. I guess my mom says that wre keepin a cat i dont know how long thats gonna last tho. Our other cat Bubbles is issing i think she got ate by a cyote. Which kindas sux she was a good cat. Our neighbors cat is missing to. And i gave my cat Gavin to our neighbor. My mom says taht im grounded until i find something else to do after school so im just gonna say im a tutor and stay after school a couple days a week until she comes to pick Cassandra up from practice which is around 4. What a long time to be doing nothing. O well atleast i wont be grounded. Well im outtie class is almost over then 1 more period until i go home...which i dont wanna go home today cuz im grounded from everything but the computer so w/e peace out
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