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HaPpY hApPy JoY jOy

Wow im deffintly kool now haha, yeah right that would be the day. Yup makin fun of myself again...its a daily thing tho. Schools out and im happy...I skipped all my classes today...IM so glad that KAYLA CAME BACK TODAY! We hung out and didnt go to class but then she left early with Kasey and Erin and i had to cover for her for the rest of the time...But its all good. She is still havin her party but i cant fuckin go because my mom has to be fuckin stupid. And i was really lookin forward to it too. Since she left early i cleaned out her locker for her and took her stuff home with me and now im not gonna be able to see her. Hopefully she goes to ambers sat and we can al sleepover. Amber should have other people come over and we can play man hunt. That would be great lol. I cant wait to go over there, i love it when i can get away from this house and go see my friends...like i have any...but o yeah i already found this out at the strawberry festival... THE GROUND IS MOVING!!! LMFAO...so funny. Water fights, soda fights, jumpin on the moon bounce before the fair started, runnin around, "playin in traffic" walkin around...free popcorn, eating three leaf clovers..(yummy) haha, so much more...Amber and mike are the best to chill wit..

ERICA IS MY SUNDAY BUDDY!!! Girl i love you and we hafta chill over the summer.

Kayla you better go to ambers this weekend so i can see you because now im grounded.

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