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Bored bored bored

Well i dont think that anybody reads this thing anymore so i dont know why i write but o well. Its better then a regular journal that my mom can read cuz i really dont want her to know how i feel, but friends, they are the best. Well my computer is screwed up and i asked my dad to fix it and he didnt have the disk to totally reformat it but he tried anyways and it XP wont go back on so he had to order a disk that will take like a week to get to his house and then ill have it but for now im stuck using the shitty computers in school! O well they work. They arent that bad. Well a lot of shit has been going on. Like when my bro had some "gum" and left it on the dryer after he took a shower, and then my moms boyfriend knew it was him but blamed in on Ryan anyways which pissed me off ALOT. And then he wasnt allowd to come over because he "lied" which i dont believe is true. And last night i talked to my mom and her boyfriend for 2 hours and hes allowed back at my house. So i was really happy. And i found out that loser Ryan has been lying to me. O well i dont care, its really not a big deal. Well im out cuz its time for lunch. Peace outtie.
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