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Yeah im bored as fuck so i thought i would update

Wow well right now im in the library and i bet that im some how gonna get caught cuz i usually do get caught and get thrown out of the library. O well. Thats why i hate comming here. I forgot to ask Ms. Pepe if i could stay after today i will hafta ask her soon or find someone else to stay after with. It wouldnt be so bad if i didnt hafta get a note everytime i stayed after, its not like i can go anywhere if my mom comes here to pick me up. I bet shes gonna be pissed again cuz Kayla is staying after but o well she dont know that shes staying after with me. And Jeff doesnt care, Kayla is my best friend and like the only one that i chill with out of school cuz she is the only one who invites me to do shit. This past week wasnt to bad. I went to the Homecoming dance thing...i mean i actually dressed up, it wasnt a dress or anything but i still dressed up. It wasnt to bad. i hung out with kayla, caitlyn, erin, buddy, and eric...and some other people that i didnt know but its all good. I dunno what else to say really so im outtie. peace leave some comments.

I <3 svs
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