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Well for being grounded this weekend was pretty fun. Friday as you all know was the last day of school. Then Saturday i went to Ambers house because my mom and her boyfriend went to Vermont and Jeff (my moms boyfriend) kids went to their aunts house. Ambers was wicked fun. First when i got there i was gonna shoot myself because i was so bored but i got to be funny. First i was makin a flame thrower thingy with my lighter and body spray i kept catchin my hand on fire, and then i showed Amber the sock trick and she was amazed lol. Then being the cool kids that we are listened to Britney Spears and N'sync it was so funny to watch amber dance to it...Then we chilled and watched Spirit which is actually a good movie. (For a cartoon) Even though my favorite cartoon movie is Ice Age...(So funny) Then today we woke up and i was finishing watching Spirit then Amber went online forever and we went to say happy fathers day to my pepe..and we stopped at Brooks...AND GUESS WHO I SAW.....My old neighbors christian and justin, i miss them sooo much they were awesome. And i stopped and talked to them, then we went back to ambers house and her mom made steak but it was dripping blood when it was "done" so me and Amber threw it out to the dogs and the screen fell out so amber climbed out her window into the dog pen. And im probably boring you all but im bored. And i guess ill stop there....haha.

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