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My fucking wonderful life (yeah right)

Well im really getting to the point where im going to go crazy. I really like this kid but he has no idea that i like him. I need a chance but i know that im not going to get it. We dont even hang out of school that much and most of the time i think he thinks im the most annoying loser int he world. But even tho he says he doesnt hate me i dont believe him. He has said that he doesnt hate other people but he did. (wow sounds like alot of people i know) Well im deffinitly in need of a change. I have no friends and it sux so much. Its like everyone hates me. Brandy is trying to get kristen not to talk to me but theres really no one that i can talk to about shit that goes on in my life. I lost my best friend moving, and i thought i found i new one but one shes moving, and i wasnt her best friend by far she was just mine...just shows how pathetic i am. o well now i know that i dont have anyfriends. I defintly going to bed because im tired and so sick of my life. Peace

->Most hated<-
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