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IM really worried about kayla right now. No one in this school let alone at her house knows where she is. Everytime someone calls her at home shes never there or no one picks up, and her cells shut off so we cant talk to her at all. I just wish she would call someone to let them know whats goin on because everyone is gettin worried about her. Its been 6 days since anyone has talked to her. Today im gonna call sean and were gonna three way kaylas house and if kaylas mom says that she doesnt know where she is im gonna start flippin out. She should know where her own kid is. And if her moms boyfriend is treatin her kid like shit then she should lose her boifriend because thats not right. Everyone cares to much about her for her to get hurt. Well im gonna go because mr dery might start yellin at me because im using the computer. BUt he seen me and he hasnt yet. But w/e i dont have anything else to say. Peace

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