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Well i just finished my Marketing midterm and before this one i had American Government...fun fun. Not exactly, well the only good thing about having midterms is you get to leave school at 11:30. Then no school on Monday, then 2 midterms on Tuesday and then i dont need to be here Wednesday. So its all good. I need to do something today. My mom says that i need to find something to do this weekend before i get introuble. My step sisters and my brother all got in trouble yesterday and i was surpisingly the only one not to get in trouble. It was great. I dont know what im gonna do today but i bet i wont get a phone call today either because im a loser like that. Well i cant wait to get my computer back and i dont know when thats gonna be but i havent had it for over two weeks and it sucks. But im out cuz class is bout to end. peace

thanks ryan for getting me sick i appreciate that alot.
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