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Good to Bad

Well today started off good, but by the end of the day i didnt wanna stay home. Well i had nothing to do so i called up Ryan and invited him over. My mom went and picked him up and he came over and everything was fine. Jeff gave us a couple butts each and we chilled in my room for a while. Well my mom and Jeff started fighting and they are right now still. Me and Mikey decided to walk Ryan like half way home so he didnt have to leave by himself. So as were walking..we made it to Wilsonville and what do u know, Jeff pulls up in his truck and stops in the middle of the road and is staring at us. I stop to see if hes going to say anything but as soon as i stop he peels up all the way up the road, my brother is on his bike and decides to go home to make sure my mom is okay. I keep walking down the road until Porter Plain and then i turn around and walk home...i was freezing by the time i got home. Then when i get home Jeff makes me feel like shit because my brother came right home and i didnt. So Mikey got rewarded with 3 hours of online time. As soon as i walk in the door Jeff calls me over and starts bitching at me about why him and my mom are fighting...thanx for involving me...And he tells me how my mom flung her slippers off and he thru them in the fire. He told me how him and my mom were an inch away from being thru. I just sat there cuz to tell you the thruth i dont care at all. He told me how he hates it here...i do too, but you dont see me doing anything about it. Hes bragging, "oh if it wasnt for me you guys wouldnt have anything" well im sorry to say but before you came along we were doing fine my mom had a job...and believe it or not SHE HAD HER OWN RUNNING CAR TOO!!! But no as soon as we come here my mom has to quit her job and cant have another one so therefore she cant pay for her car so that got repossessed. So he totally fucked her over and now were stuck here. But my mom says shes finding a job and were leaving...good i hope we do, even tho deep down in my heart i dont think its gonna happen..but well see. My mom took off her ring and thru it and shes pretty pissed off right now. I dont know whats gonna happen now. I just hope that everything turns out for the best.

I love it how i cant joke around with anybody they take it all serious. Well now im fucked cuz my best friends pissed at me...sux cuz theres alot of shit going on as it is.

Well im out for now cuz i dont feel like writting anymore. Leave a comment if you care.
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