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Well right now im in Mr O'Briens class...for all you who dont know what class that is its American Government. Were supposed to be working on this gay project but it doesnt interest me at all thats probably why im not helpin my partner. Well there has been alot of shit thats happened in the past couple months. I have AOL again so i will probably be updating this more often. Well my best friend moved and now im not friends with Brandy which sux because she goes and tells Kayla shit that i dont even do. Cuz i asked people if it was true and they all said no and that it was there own decision not to talk to her. Not my fault. I have been hanging out with Ryan alot more. I told him that he was my life, now he gets pissed when i say that i have no life. Its all good tho. He came over Sunday and we chilled with Cassandra in my room. I love when he comes over i get to beat him up all the time. I love it. We have this new trust thing at home now too. My mom said that shes not gonna ground me anymore cuz everytime i get grounded Jeff takes me off so its pointless. Damn straight. So now she knows i smoke butts and she knows that i have "tried pot 'twice'" Haha alot she knows ive been completely shit faced in front of her 3 times and she didnt know and she said if i ever did it she could tell....b-b-b-b-bullshit. She doesnt know what shes talking about. "but i dont do that shit no more" shh dont tell. I hope i dont get parent guardian now cuz i dont want my mom invading my privacy more then she already does. WEll im out for now cuz i need to pee before its time to leave and theres less then 10 min left so peace out leave some love.

<3 sara

-Erica we need to start chillin agian like we used to lu girl
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