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Well im grounded again...as usual no tv or phone which sux. I havent talked to Ryan since Sunday when he walked all the way to my house and then he had to leave like right away and i felt so bad. But he was over there all day on Saturday and i had alot of fun. We watched this movie called Dark Harvest, it was pretty scary but not really it was kinda dumb and it was the second time i watched it. I cant wait until tomorrow cuz i will finally be ungrounded. And i can use the phone and have people over. I think Kayla got suspended, we havent been really talking much since she started hangin out wit that other chick Kayla but w/e. I cant say that it doesnt bother me cuz it does but what can i do about it? well i gotta go cuz class is almost over. leave a comment. peace out
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